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Large extrusion profile of auxiliary professional equipment manufacturers

2017 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition

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The Aluminum Industry Exhibition of China (ALUMINUM) is a great event for the aluminum industry. It will showcase the new properties, new technologies, new trends and new applications of aluminum materials. Focus on aluminum production enterprises and downstream industrial applications to create a set of business negotiations, international exchanges and brand display as one of the professional exchange platform.

Has successfully held the 12th Aluminum Industry Exhibition will once again in 2017 July 19-21 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center held a grand. More than 500 outstanding enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions will showcase the whole industry chain of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and related machinery and auxiliary materials.

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* Note: The data from the 2016 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition on-site audience statistics report

2017 Aluminum Industry Exhibition Exhibits

Aluminum raw materials, primary metal products, semi (co) products

Aluminum applications

Granulated metal, powder metal, paste metal, wool fabric, foam-like objects

Semi-finished products, semi-synthetic products

Aluminum surface treatment

Aluminum light metal trade and recycling

Aluminum plant equipment, machine parts, aluminum separation, processing and refining equipment

Aluminum services, advice, expert advice

Aluminum Others

2017 aluminum industry exhibition audience scope

Aluminum industry

Aluminum ingots, aluminum alloy rods, such as aluminum raw materials, primary metal products

Semi-finished products, semi-synthetic products, such as aluminum, plate, belt, foil, aluminum-plastic composite materials, castings, etc.

Aluminum electrolysis, extrusion, rolling, casting, die-casting and other related aluminum processing equipment, accessories and auxiliary materials

Non - ferrous metals import and export and trade

Non - ferrous metal recycling and reuse

Aluminum related services and consulting and professional media

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