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Large extrusion profile of auxiliary professional equipment manufacturers

Luoyang Case Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd

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Luoyang Case Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd

Booth number: 1A05

Official website: WWW.ZG-NF.COM

Main business: casting machine, sawing machine, milling machine, welding machine, precision sawing machine, hot-line hot sawing machine, precision milling machine, profile shaping machine, aluminum bar wagon and boring machine.

Company Profile: Luoyang Kaisi Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. is the only company specializing in the hot-rolled auxiliary equipment and large-section profile process equipment, focusing on casting, sawing, milling, welding, sheet grinding, polishing, precision sawing , Hot-rolled plate on-line sawing, milling, large section profile shaping, aluminum bar wagon and boring and other special process equipment research and development.The company specializes in special equipment research and development and reserves, strong technical reserves for copper, aluminum , Magnesium, titanium areas. 

Products 1: aluminum rod boring and boring machine

Processing hollow aluminum rod of the cylindrical and internal hole of the integration of special equipment, CNC CNC, quasi-dry cutting methods, patented technology.


Products 2: hot-rolled aluminum hot-line sawing machine

Hot-rolled aluminum on-line cutting head, cut tail and section, is an innovative process technology, invention patents.

Products 3: Sawing machine milling machine

Sawing milling copper, aluminum and magnesium ingot surface coarse grain layer of special equipment, a number of new patented technology, professional equipment manufacturers.

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