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Large extrusion profile of auxiliary professional equipment manufacturers

【Small Lu running show】 China Aluminum Network Interview Case Metallurgy

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Recently, the 2016 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center was held at home and abroad aluminum industry more than 400 outstanding enterprises in this new products, new technology show.

The exhibitors of the enterprise, its main product covers almost from the raw materials, semi-finished products, application of finished products and related machinery and equipment, supplies, including the aluminum industry, the whole industry chain. This year, among the products exhibited by enterprises, the theme of expanding aluminum application, low-carbon economy, energy-saving and environmental protection, transportation aluminum, and consumption of aluminum increased significantly, reflecting technological innovation and industry innovation.

China Aluminum Network as the organizers of the only designated video interview media, during the exhibition sent a reporter in-depth interviews with exhibitors, to understand the latest product technology and industry development.

Today, the reporter went to Luoyang Case Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd. booth, interview the company director Yang Yaohui. He told reporters about the company's core competitiveness and the status of the industry some of the views.

China Aluminum Network

The picture shows the director of Metallurgy Yang Yihui and China Aluminum Network reporter photo

Luoyang Kaisi Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd., the company focused on hot-rolled before the process equipment and large cross-section extrusion technology equipment design company, with many years of dedicated and customer support in the casting, sawing, milling, polishing, Material welding and large cross-section profile plastic, aging, precision sawing, polishing, aluminum rod Pa Pei machine and boring and other special process equipment with a special field of experience.

Company R & D: Focus on special equipment R & D and reserves, strong technical reserves, design and development for copper, aluminum, magnesium, titanium areas of professional products.

Our goal: the design of universal, product diversification, market specialization

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