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Long Bar Scalper-Long Bar peeling

Long Bar Scalper-Long Bar peeling
Long Bar Scalper-Long Bar peeling

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Best Equipment for Long Bar peeling

Non-ferrous metal bar such as aluminum, magnesium, copper, etc.

Ferrous metal bar such as titanium and steel 

Non-metallic metal bar such as PVC, PCB 


Long Bar Scalper Structure

Automatic load and unload platform, continuous loading and unloading 

Continuous feeding rollers have correction and clamping function

Milling head with same core rotation,good straightness 

Milling head has three cutter(2 rough cutter + 1 finished cutte),good roughness and efficient

Technical Features

CNC+PLC+HMI control system

Automatic continuous production

 Near dry oil mist lubrication sawing system, do no pollute,Long cutter life

Automatic centering, large milling range


Photographed two-dimensional code, information portable look

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