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Hot rolling auxiliary equipment Professional Manu
Large extrusion profile of auxiliary professional equipment manufacturers

Profile Straightening & Correction Machine

Profile Straightening & Correction Machine
Profile Straightening & Correction Machine

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Aluminium profile straightening and correcting,So cross-sectional shape & tolerancest o meet the requirements

Rail traffic profile, transportation profile and other industrial profile

Profile Straightening & Correction Machine Structure

Two driven correcting rolls, correcting wheels are mounted on the rolls, they are easily exchangeable

Auxiliary correcting wheels installed on both sides of the Correction Machine 

According to the shape of profile section,allow installation of more correcting wheels at later

Closed structure, good rigidity,hydraulic cylinder pushing stand open and close

Technical Features

CNC+PLC+HMI control system

The driven correcting rolls are drived by variable individual servo motors, which can ensure the speed of the profile surface is same.

Single auxiliary correcting wheel by servo motor adjustment, higher accuracy 


Photographed two-dimensional code, information portable look

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