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Hot rolling auxiliary equipment Professional Manu
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Al Profile Hot-Air Aging Oven

Al Profile Hot-Air Aging Oven
Al Profile Hot-Air Aging Oven

National Advisory Hotline

13937938013 / 18637911310

Direct-combustion & Hot-air aging Oven 

Rail traffic , transportation and other profile

Aging Oven Structure

Two specially designed series connection  centrifugal fans 

Two special fan volute mechanism,can frequently change direction  

Two groups of direct fired low temperature burner, the hot air outlet temperature is low, burn regulation ratio 1:40  

 Installed partition door  in furnace central,can be used as two aging furnace 

Technical Features

IPC +PLC+ HMI automatic controlLocal and remote monitoring, local and remote alarm  

Can choose how to change direction depending on the temperature and time, when change direction, fan are not stop

Direct combustion heating, without heat exchanger, energy saving, large burn regulation ratio, fast heating speed, temperature uniformity


Photographed two-dimensional code, information portable look

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